In the year 2000, Lokothwayo joyfully received a compact disc (CD) as a gift from the renowned Don Laka, a South African jazz musician, pianist, songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur, as a baton to begin putting effort on the clearly evident fate in music. Laka is also co-founder of Kalawa Jazzmee and owner of Bokone Music, he perpetually advises that Bruce goes to study music.
Receiving the CD was the birth of a now long standing career, Bruce began devoting oneself to steering focus “behind decks”, this exercise went on until academia called, he took a break from Dj(ing) and registered a full time study at the University of Johannesburg- South Africa. The artist had began composing a few tunes after having received the CD and mentorship from Don Laka, however kept his music underground until a later stage in 2013 when he met his prototype Martin Iveson-Atjazz and embarked on a music project that led him into a career breakthrough due to the co-effort the two put in. Loko released his first (EP)- labelled Plutonic cut in 2015 on Martin’s label “Atjazz Record Company” then later he worked with Red Bull Studios Cape Town which he also dropped his second Drago EP. it didn’t end there, one of his tracks was picked by one of the respected guys in South African music industry Kid Fonque, the track was featured on Red Bull Summer Edition.
Despite the Jazzy background Bruce was practically mentored under, he deviates himself as a house Dj, it is however of utmost guarantee that he is different, he stands out, is incomparable. The Bruce Loko sound is nothing close to what South Africans would typically project as “house music”, it is champion! Loko started with his “behind decks” grind in the year 2004. One of the things he grew passionate about was music production, when this talent is not producing, he practises mastering a piano, this is to give him a sense of achievement and boost confidence. An enduring intermediate level pianist, his efforts have evidently proved to be rewarding.
Bruce is looking to have his performing career expanded. History is to remember and honour Bruce Loko, his ultimate goal being to become a world icon, create a platform for upcoming producers to be as renowned, his sound is portioned for international streams, it is authentic and relatable.
His penchant for atmospheric sounds is packed with souring unabashed emotions and cinematic flourishes. Loko’s vision is to make his fans go spiral over his tracks with his bizarre sound design techniques.