FatCaps meets 20 years after publishing their first job 

 After spending several years making their way separately, one of the most popular groups in the Barcelona hip hop scene of the late nineties and early 2000s returns. Fatcaps was a regular at jams, concerts and festivals putting the Baix Llobregat and Castelldefels on the map and being the benchmark for many who would come later. 

 The combo formed by emcees LocoZobe and Apri, and the productions of Dj Weme, was unveiled with the demo model Buena Mierda (1999), which led them to tour their raw and forceful rap through theaters throughout Spain, supporting groups like Magnatiz. In 2003 Fatcaps published Tres Tristes Buitres, a more mature, compact and elegant work, which made them for many one of the future promises of the scene. However, in 2005 the group dissolved for personal reasons, unfortunately for their followers and those who were looking forward to seeing them take the place they deserved for the quality of their work. 

 After their split, LocoZobe followed a prolific solo career with 9 works behind them, and Apri and Dj Weme formed the 2DB group, with which they published two works (Todo Bien” and Mosaico). 

 Now, 20 years after their first feature filmFatcaps has returned to delight nostalgics of Barcelona underground sound and to regain a place on the scene. At the moment, they have published several songs such as Black Flag”, “Llámame loco”Dollbox, Apocalypse or Bañarse en ron. But stay tuned because there is a lot of good shit to come…