Melbourne-based pianist, producer, and analog synth player Mike Katz (aka Harvey Sutherland) fuses jazz and disco in an understated yet infectious way. Katz began as a solo artist, releasing EPs from 2013 onward; he quickly made a name for himself by recording the instruments live and manipulating the tracks during his live shows. The project mutated in 2015 — after the release of the Bermuda EP on MCDE — as Katz recruited Graeme Pogson (drums) and Tamil Rogeon (strings) to perform the music on tour; the band was named Bermuda after the first EP they worked on together. In 2016, Katz started his own label, Clarity Recordings, and christened it with the double-single “Priestess/Bravado.” 2017 saw the release of their debut mini-album, Expectations, which was also self-released through Clarity.