One of Japan’s most prolific electronic music producer and DJ around now, his versatile musical prose is now a welcomed item in the world’s dance music scene. His releases of modern deep house and also some floor-smashing techno under his own name, his collaborative production of top notch, tech-house with Ibadan’s Jerome Syndenham as Nagano Kitchen and regular DJ appearances at some of the coolest clubs around the globe, Hideo Kobayashi is a no holds bar, proficient, electronic samurai extraordinaire.

Born and based in Nagano, in northern Japan, like many in his generation, Hideo discovered electronic music when he first heard YMO at his father’s electronic store which lead him to delve into Kraftwerk, Top 40, etc. Having also learning piano from a young age, by high school in 1986, got the itch to compose electronic music with his sequencer, keyboards, drum machine and started performing live as well. In 1988, he went to Tokyo and discovered the enfolding world of clubs and dance music, first getting into Soul II Soul and soon turned his attention to techno and began his production career in 1994, in the thick of the emerging techno scene in Japan, producing music with DJ Miku, as Lotus.

Getting a bit tired with techno, while visiting the U.S. west coast, he discovered the then emerging deep house scene in the Bay Area and decided to move there to breathe and soak up all the excitement that was happening at the time. A chance meeting with Jerome Sydenhem at a club there, lead to the first collaboration with him and also DJ Said, as Lagos Nagano Players Association, with the release of DJ Tools Vol. 7 out of Ibadan in 2006. His release of Children Of The Drums, another collaboration with DJ Said from Chez Music, caught the attention of the legendary Francois K. who was said to want to release it on his own label, Wave. Afterwards, Hideo found a new fan of his music in Francois K, who has been championing his music regularly.

Around the same period, Hideo returned to Japan, clutching a wealth of studio and DJ experience, at his base in Nagano, with Jerome Sydenhem, he produced the Nagano Kitchen album released from Apotec Records and Apt. International in Japan in 2007, which caught the attention of
many DJs around the world. This period marked a turning point in his career.