6 December, 2019  /  Dj Spinna

Dj Spinna Tribute to Ancestors

I had the wondrous opportunity of meeting the late and profound Maya Angelou over a decade ago. This particular encounter was at an all white party on the estate of Ashford & Simpson, of which I was spinning. Upon taking this photo, I made the mistake of slightly slouching my body in the seat, which in turn led Mrs. Angelou to swiftly blurt out “Sit up straight in your seat young man!” This reprimand was alarming, yet I felt the urgency to comply. That brief moment in time was definitely one of the most compelling of my entire life. I was in the presence of authority & eloquence simultaneously. An all around renaissance woman, Maya Angelou represents life as it pertains to the human struggle, specifically the Black human struggle. She transcended one year ago today. I did this all vinyl mix as a tribute to her & all ancestors who guide us through life. It’s a spiritual Afro-jazzcentric collage, a soundscape needed in the U-N-I-Verse RIGHT NOW!