2 November, 2020  /  DANIEL BOUQUET

The music I listen to most at home is the brilliant jazz produced independently on several key labels of the 1970s: Strata from Detroit, Black Jazz Records from Oakland, California, Strata East of New York and of course, Tribe Records, also from Detroit.

Five talented ex Motown session musicians were the driving force behind the Tribe collective: Phil Ranelin (Trombone), Marcus Belgrave (Trumpet), Wendell Harrison (Clarinet) and Doug Hammond (Drums) and finally Dave Durrah (piano and synthesiser). As well as releasing music, Tribe released a magazine which concerned itself with Black consciousness, Black economics, political issues and activism affecting the black community and advertisements. Tribe delivered a rounded cultural experience alongside its wonderful jazz.

Between 1973 and 1975 Tribe issued just ten releases and these have become legendary among record collectors. I hope you enjoy my introduction to the label from a fan’s perspective.