5 October, 2020  /  DANIEL BOUQUET

Mo’ Wax + 4 is a mix for a friend who’s moving away. I dug out a load of my Mo’Wax vinyl and played it- no preparation and perhaps in a couple of places that can be heard. Many of these records, which I collected between 1993 and 1998 haven’t been played in those intervening years. It was nice to get back to them and the culmination of an idea gestating since the Mo’Wax exhibition and James Lavelle’s 2014 Meltdown Festival. ‘Trip Hop’ could, of course, be a little slow so I sped every tune up to a minimum pitch of +4. There are many more songs I could have thrown in but 77 minutes felt ample. The idea is that this will stand the test of time and be an enjoyable listen as well as esoteric enough for anyone remotely interested in the culture created by James Lavelle and Mo’Wax. Enjoy!