26 October, 2020  /  DANIEL BOUQUET

Rod Temperton: Where can I begin? His own biography on Twitter states ‘From Cleethorpes, destroyed the World’. This is a great statement because the songwriting genius of Temperton literally took the world by storm. From early career hits in the band he led- Heatwave- to Thriller, Rod Temperton left an indelible mark on black popular music. He wrote not just songs but genuine mega hits for George Benson, Michael Jackson, The Brothers Johnson, Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones, among many more. His sound is unique, immediately recognisable and dripping in pure groove.

Rod Temperton is a complete hero to me- a modest man with talent to spare- just how it should be. Quincy Jones recognised the value of a songwriter of such scale and worked with him continually. At 66 his death is so unfair but his legacy is guaranteed. When we’re all gone people will be doubtless dancing to Rod Temperton’s songs. I imagine his music is everywhere from the moon to the Antarctic- such was his genius. The greatest man you never heard of.