In a fire of youthful abandon and rebellion, amidst a musical climate of uniformity, emerged Woo Park, a psychedelic soul sextet described as an assault from all sides. As far as bands go, it’s a rare occurrence that a magical combination of people, capable of pushing each other to the limit, find themselves together, but after little time playing together, it was evident that the members of Woo Park had found what they’d been looking for.

One half of Woo consists of a fiery rhythm section with a near clairvoyant rhythmic flexibility featuring Luke Sangerman, polyrhythmic champion, and Parker Grogan, self-proclaimed bass god. The undeniable groove exists in tandem with an atmosphere of ethereal soundscapes fit for even the most heady of new age souls to bask in; Christian Zwit, aural chemist and knob tinkerer, wields keyboard and synth alike while Brian Sanborn transcends guitar with his singing melodies and cloud-like chords. Emily Nichols’s alluring voice floats effortlessly atop of the controlled chaos, forming a cohesive narrative.

Initially taking cues from bands such as Hiatus Kaiyote, Robert Glasper Experiment, and Little Dragon, Woo Park has since crafted a unique sonic niche for themselves, and are dedicated to one day hitting the world stage. A continuously forward-looking outfit unsatisfied with the status quo, Woo Park has attained a hard fought-over new approach to a standard instrumentation and continues to push further into their own uncategorized sound, a kind of Generation Y Jazz with a medley of influences from rock to electronica.

The live show is where the spirit of Woo comes alive; mind and body, performer and audience, become one fueled by the music which provokes physical and mental reactions in equal parts.